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The KR-9 SBR is a 9mm civilian semi-auto rifle. It is ideal for pistol caliber carbine (PCC) competitions but also makes an excellent personal defense firearm. The KR- 9 is derived from the PP-19-01 Vityaz sub-machinegun used by Russia’s Federal Police and Special Forces. Like the Vityaz, the KR-9 SBR combines accuracy and ruggedness in a very compact design. With its metal triangle-style stock folded, the six pound gun measures just 18.25” overall. That is shorter than a standard MP5A3 submachine gun which measures 21.7” with its retractable stock collapsed. The KR-9 SBR has a 9.25” barrel compared to the MP5’s 9” barrel. The KR-9 SBR features a closed bolt blowback design that incorporates an out-of-battery safety mechanism so the gun cannot fire unless the bolt is fully closed. The KR-9 also features feed ramps that are specially designed to reliably chamber jacketed hollow point bullets. This semi-auto rifle accepts 30-round and 10-round Kalashnikov USA™ magazines. The steel lined polymer magazines feature a double-column, double-feed design inspired by the battle proven magazines used in the PPS-43 submachine gun. The KR-9 SBR’s hinged top cover has an attached Picatinny rail. The muzzle features 1/2 inch x 28 suppressor-ready muzzle threads (and a shoulder) making it compatible with most US muzzle devices and suppressors. It comes from the factory with a flash suppressor installed.

The purchaser of this firearm is required to fulfill NFA requirements in the completion of the ATF Form 4.

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